About Us

About the Company

Green Haven, a distinguished brand under Kapson Globex, is your gateway to a lifestyle that harmonizes quality with environmental consciousness. At Green Haven, we take the rich legacy and market acumen of Kapson Globex and refine it into an exquisite range of bamboo and cork lifestyle products. Our offerings are not just products; they are a commitment to a more sustainable and beautiful world.

To redefine luxury through eco-friendly, high-quality lifestyle products that contribute to a more sustainable world.


To be the global leader in sustainable lifestyle products, enhancing life quality while protecting our planet.

About the Founders

Akshit Kapoor

Akshit Kapoor, an MBA with over 5 years of diverse experience in distribution, warehousing, and logistics, serves as the driving force behind Green Haven's vision and strategy. Specializing in FMCG, electrical, and domestic appliances, Akshit brings a wealth of knowledge that translates into high-quality, sustainable offerings for Green Haven. His dedication to eco-responsibility and quality aligns seamlessly with the brand's mission, making him a cornerstone in Green Haven's commitment to
sustainable luxury.

Puneet Wadhwa

Puneet Wadhwa, an advocate and Director at Wadhwa Group of Companies, brings a unique blend of legal expertise and logistical acumen to Green Haven. With a Master's degree in Supply Chain Management, his skill set is invaluable in ensuring the seamless and efficient delivery of Green Haven's eco-friendly products. His deep commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Green Haven's ethos, making him an integral part of the brand's journey toward a more sustainable future. His vision drives Green Haven's eco-conscious innovations.

Core Values

Commitment to Quality

We set benchmarks in quality, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability.


From materials to manufacturing, we are committed to eco-responsibility, ensuring a lower carbon footprint.


With a pulse on market trends, we continually evolve our product lines to be both inventive and eco-conscious.

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